The Ultimate Checklist For A Successful Party Plan

The Ultimate Checklist For A Successful Party Plan

Whatever event you are planning to throw, be it a birthday party or an engagement party, we want to help you achieve a stress-free and organised party planning experience with this checklist.

By creating a timeline of the event as well as using our party planning checklist, you can be assured everything will go the way you have planned. Even without any prior experience throwing a party, you can still organise a memorable one with our help.

What items are necessary for a party?

As long as you have this list, bring it to any party store near you, and you will pretty much find everything you need to organise and decorate the party.

  • Cakes: Whether you purchase or bake one yourself, cakes are a “must-have” for any occasion. Make sure you have candles and a lighter ready.
  • Entertainment rentals: Bouncy castles and magicians are some entertainment elements that you can consider for your party.
  • Food and drinks: Every party has to have food and drinks. And when you get food and drinks, you need to ensure you have enough cutleries and plates.
  • Balloons: A classic birthday decoration element.

Other elements you might want to consider are invitations, tables and chairs, tablecloths, and party favours.

The best party planning checklist

Remember to complete all the checklist items no matter what type of party you are organising:

Two to three months before the party

  • Select the theme of your party
  • Determine individual budget
  • Select a few time and date options for the party
  • Book the party space, if necessary
  • Arrange entertainment, if necessary
  • Craft a guest list
  • Purchase party supplies from a reliable source

One month before the party

  • Send out invitations
  • Pre-order the drinks and food
  • Plan party activities
  • Look for party helpers, be it friends or professional event staff

One week before the party

  • Place your orders for baked goods
  • Follow up on invitations to know who will be attending the party
  • Create your party hashtag and start sharing with the attendees

One day before the party

  • Do your grocery shopping to get any snacks or drinks, if necessary
  • Pick up your baked goods order
  • Prepare your party space

On the day of the party

  • Get ice for the drinks
  • Set up the party decorations
  • If you are organising an outdoor party, come up with a wet weather programme


This is just a general checklist that you can use to plan a successful party. At the end of the day, to determine what suits best on your party checklist, you need to start with the general picture, which is to know how many people you intend to invite and the type of party you will be organising.

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