Reasons Why You Should Throw Your Child A Birthday Party

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The one special day where a child can have all the cake, gifts and fun they want – Birthdays! Birthdays are important milestones in a child’s life. Everyone loves being remembered and celebrated on their birthdays. No matter the size of the party, throwing your child a birthday party is a wonderful idea and here are a few reasons why:

Establish social relationships

Birthday parties will increase your child’s interaction and social skills, which is vital in their early development. Most of the time, the only chance your kid will interact with other kids their age is in school, so it would be nice to be able to do this in a different environment.

Higher self-esteem

When a child’s birthday is celebrated, they feel loved and seen. They are the centre of attention at the party and all the guests who attend will be treating them like royalty, making them feel even more special. For kids, it is a great feeling for them to see their friends arriving with colourful presents and wishing them a “Happy Birthday”. This is a reassurance that they are cared by many. Not to mention, they gain new experiences with all the fun activities planned out, for example, a magic show. Children are more likely to build confidence from new, fun and exciting activities.

Strengthen family bonds

No matter the size of the celebration, having the whole family at the party gives the child a sense of togetherness. Shopping for decorations and party supplies at party shops in Singapore could also be a good opportunity to bond! Family traditions help to foster a supportive and loving environment and will help your child form feelings of familiarity, understanding and trust. Sharing special experiences and creating memories strengthens the bond between parent and child, which will influence the child’s self-esteem, development, behaviour and emotions.

Create positive memories

As a child, there is nothing more exciting than your birthday party. Your little one will remember the details and might not stop talking about it for the next few days. A study has shown that most childhood memories are mostly collected from different sources like sensations, smells and music. Beautiful pictures will also be taken, and down the road when your child looks back at those photos, they will be reminded of the good and fun times.


A child’s childhood experiences will help lay a foundation for how well their skills develop. The most important thing at a child’s birthday is not the biggest cake in the world or the most expensive gifts, but the warm environment which makes them feel loved. Are you thinking of planning a party for your child’s upcoming birthday? At BoBoChaCha, we provide you with the best quality balloons that come in all kinds of shapes and colours! We have helium balloons too which your child will definitely love!

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