Top Bucks Party Ideas That Your Best Friend Will Remember

Top Bucks Party Ideas That Your Best Friend Will Remember

Your best friend is getting married, and you want to plan a final send-off that he will not soon forget. Fortunately, we have curated eight top alternative bucks party ideas that will help you host a memorable celebration for the groom-to-be.

You need to plan the party such that everyone will know that he is getting married and bidding farewell to bachelorhood! Do not settle for anything he will not like. That means that if he wants a chill party, he gets it! Vice versa, if he wants an all-out bucks party, you make sure he gets one he will remember.

Now that we have established what you need to do, let us take you through some ideal bucks party ideas that we guarantee will be a hit with all of his best friends!

Formula 1

What better way to celebrate the end of bachelorhood than an event full of adrenaline and speed, two things that are often associated with men? While this bucks party idea only works if your best friend’s wedding is held towards the end of October, it is definitely a thrilling and unpredictable bucks party idea if the groom-to-be is a huge car fanatic.

The formula 1 races in Singapore have typically been held around the late September to early October period. Take it up a notch by pooling a respectable sum of money with his best friends to book a private room or suite in the race to watch the race comfortably.

Bar crawl

Bar crawling is an exciting event on its own. However, with a little creativity, you can transform it into a bucks party idea that the groom-to-be will remember fondly. It is rather easy to organise one. All you need to do is hit up a couple of bars in a single night and enjoy yourself. To elevate the experience, you can choose specific venues that have their own special drinks, music style, and theme. With those in mind, you can add variety to the celebration.

Axe throwing

Axe throwing has been trending in recent years, and it is easy to see why. Not only is it fun, but it can also be addictive. It is the ideal activity that offers a little competition while keeping your adrenaline pumping. You can check with the location if they offer special prices for an event or large group bookings.

A weekend getaway

A bucks party is one of the rare occasions where the groom-to-be and his best friends can plan some time off to celebrate freely. Hence, it is vital that you use this occasion to ensure that he fully maximises the opportunity. Why not plan a weekend adventure involving hooking the largest fish? You can rent a decent yacht and a couple of fishing rods and spend some quality time admiring nature while just chilling with a couple of good friends. Most importantly, you can also help the groom-to-be relax and put aside any wedding-related stress. If he is not into fishing, planning a road trip across the border works too. The whole point is to help him relax and enjoy two days of peace while cherishing his last days of bachelorhood.

Virtual party

If you are looking for an alternative bucks party experience, why not organise a virtual one? Most guys will enjoy gaming, especially if it is a night of gaming, without any complaints. So, the groom-to-be will appreciate the idea of playing games with his best buddies, plenty of drinks, and delicious food. If gaming is too boring, perhaps a VR experience or an escape room might be an alternative.


There are a variety of bucks party alternatives that you can plan for your best friend. Whether you decide to “kidnap” him for a weekend getaway, axe throw, or stay in for a chill celebration, the whole point is to celebrate his bachelorhood and send him off to a wonderful married life. However, remember that it is all about him, so always check with him on what he expects from the bucks party and act on his feedback.

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