Surprising Your Partner During Anniversary: 5 Ways To Do So!

Surprising Your Partner During Anniversary: 5 Ways To Do So!

Most people, if not all, enjoy receiving surprises, especially during special occasions, such as anniversaries and birthdays. In the matter of the earlier, surprising your partner, be it husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, is a romantic way to let them know that you have done anything to make them feel thought of and loved.

Whether you have been married for many years or are still in the dating phase, a surprise is a romantic gesture that will excite the other no matter what. Moreover, a surprise helps to rekindle each other’s love, especially if both parties have been so caught up with work and other life responsibilities.

Many couples gift balloon bouquets during their anniversary. While they are nonetheless aesthetically pleasing, they are still a common celebratory gift. Hence, in this post, we want to share five romantic and unique ways you can celebrate your anniversary and surprise them at the same time.

Organise a romantic scavenger hunt

The key to ensuring that your scavenger hunt is successful is to leave just the right hints such that your partner knows where the next location and clue is at. You would want to leave hints that are challenging in manners that your partner has to use a little brain power to solve, yet not too hard that the romance is overwhelmed by the hunt itself. For example, you can write the clues along the lines of, “Our favourite weekend pastime that we enjoy doing together.”

While this scavenger hunt involves lots of creativity, it is a romantic surprise that will be worth the brain juices as well as an opportunity to reminisce on all the past events that both of you have experienced together.

A home cook dinner

If you are not someone who usually cooks because of your work schedule, then the surprise home cook dinner for your partner will be memorable and special. You can take the surprise to another level by preparing their favourite cuisine or meal.

Staying true to the romantic event, do not forget to decorate the dining room. You can incorporate helium balloons, streamers, and flowers into your décor elements. Additionally, BoBoChaCha Balloons offers a wide selection of occasion-specific theme balloons gifts, such as Jumbo Fairy Lights Bubble Balloon BouquetPreserved Baby Breath Balloon Bloombox, and Customised Bubble Balloon Surprise Box. These are ideal examples of gifts that can help intensify the romantic vibes of your partner.

Recreate your first date

Hopefully, you have not forgotten your first date. The anticipation and nervousness of meeting your partner for the first time – so many emotions felt in a single event. Going out for the first time as an official couple is certainly one of those beautiful moments that one will never forget.

Since anniversaries are about celebrating both your life and love as one, why not surprise your partner by recreating the first time both of you went out as a couple? It would be a great way to look back at times both of you have been through together.

Plan a holiday

From an overseas road trip to a local staycation, if both of you have been busy with life responsibilities, planning a holiday is what you need to relax and unwind while enjoying some intimate time with one another. There are many interesting things to do in Singapore, from bungee jumping in Sentosa to high-element obstacle courses at Bedok Reservoir. If time is not a factor, why not consider making a trip to your favourite travel destination?

Dress fancy for a nice dinner in town

This is one of the most straightforward things to do in Singapore. However, instead of just heading out for dinner and dressing the way you usually would, why not make it extra special by bringing your partner out for a nice fancy dinner in town? Besides, anniversaries are annual events. Enjoy the evening by letting your partner know to get dressed fancily. There in town, you can enjoy a wonderful evening of fine dining, wine tasting, and musical plays.


Anniversaries happen only once a year. You might as well plan it properly and plan it well. Try not to leave it to the last minute. Hopefully, with these five surprising anniversary ideas, you will be able to make your partner feel blessed. While you are free to spend however you like for such a special day, we also would like to remind you that it is all about the heart too! A surprise need not be expensive but one that is genuine and true to your heart.

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