Why Helium Balloons Are Perfect For Graduation Parties

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Graduating is one of the best feelings in the world and it is something everyone holds dearly to their hearts. Closing a chapter of your life after you’ve dedicated years to pursuing an educational course, is a moment that deserves to be celebrated with much zest and gusto.

In this day and age, a graduation isn’t complete without a graduation party. Numerous things make up a graduation party, but when it comes to decorations, helium balloons will definitely steal the show. With the vast options of balloons to choose from, varying in colour, type, shape, designs and more, including them in your special day will maintain that high adrenaline while you soak in the joyous atmosphere!

1. Matching themes

 While graduating, what is expected during a graduation party is the prominent and striking facet of the theme, design and colour coordination. In most cases, the colours these themes follow revolve around the school’s colour.

Together with an array of colours and designs, the overall style of decorations at graduation parties needs to also be in line with the academic institution in question. There has also to be a balance between current trends and the theme of the party. This might seem like a challenging feat, but with the plethora of colours and designs available for helium balloons, you need not fret.

2. Flawless quality balloons

It is vital to choose high-quality balloons. No one likes their graduation balloons to deflate, fizzle out, or burst before or during the party. Instead, you will want to ensure your balloons are durable and are able to last throughout the entire event. These balloons might even come in handy serving as a backdrop for photo-taking sessions!

Thankfully, helium balloons have proven to do an excellent job when it comes to lasting for the entire duration of parties, and even beyond that as well. The credit goes to the material that creates these balloons. If you want your balloons to last longer, you should definitely consider balloons made from mylar or foil!

3. Fully customisable

The school may not host a graduation party, but it might be a private and intimate celebration amongst friends and family members to commemorate the special day. Hosting and organising your own graduation party gives it a more personalised touch, making the event more memorable and special as you have the freedom of deciding on the theme and style to follow.

This includes the choice of decorations. You can even make your balloons extra personal by printing messages on them too! The type of balloons you decide to go with plays a significant role in creating that graduation party that is special to solely you and your loved ones.


When it comes to graduation parties, there is simply no other match than balloons for improving moods and creating a vibrant atmosphere. BoBoChaCha is a party shop in Singapore which offers a wide range of high-quality balloons that are durable for various occasions. With our balloons, there is a better chance of longer-lasting balloons for your graduation party. You can even choose to customise your graduation gifts or balloons with us!

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