3 Ideal Gifts To Ensure A Memorable POP For Your Loved Ones

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The Passing Out Parade (POP) is one of the most important events in every Singaporean man’s life. Essentially it is a ceremony where all national servicemen celebrate the end of their 3-month long Basic Military Training (BMT). The rewarding feeling of passing out alongside the same guys who they spent hours under the sun with is one that they will never forget.

Additionally, the ceremony is held amidst the attendance of every national servicemen’s family members. Hence, this makes it one milestone that they would never forget. It is customary for family members to take pictures and give their son, brother or boyfriend a gift to commend them on the completion of their gruelling BMT training. However, it can be tough deciding on what would be a desirable gift for such a significant event. If that is you, these 3 gift ideas would be of help to you!

A customised gift box is unforgettable

If you are racking your brain thinking of one particular type of gift, this suggestion is meant for you. Why not get a customised gift box with all his favourite snacks? This is the perfect gift primarily because all national servicemen are required to complete a 24 KM route march right before they can proceed with their passing out parade.

It would be every man’s dream to see a gift box filled with his favourite snacks and drinks, especially after a tiring day of marching under the hot sun. Additionally, you could add to the sentiment of your gift by writing a sweet note of congratulation to them for completing their BMT. The best part about choosing a gift box is that there are tons of options and locations where you can get such unique personalised gifts in Singapore.

Balloons are apt for every event

Be it a birthday or even to wish someone a fast recovery, balloons are the go-to gift. Likewise, balloons are suitable gifts to celebrate a loved one’s passing out parade. The benefit of choosing balloons as your gift of choice is the wide range of balloons and variants to choose from.

You could go for a customised balloon set with a personalised message to show how proud you are of them. Alternatively, you could also go with a balloon bouquet where you could choose the colour or theme of your choice. Gifting a balloon bouquet with personalised well wishes is one way to show how proud you are of them.

When you smell good, you feel good

A classic gift for men is a bottle of fragrance. This is a timeless gift as a man can never have too many bottles of cologne. Especially for national servicemen who are always out and about, and sweating it out, a bottle of fragrance would be well appreciated by them.

Such a gift is also sentimental as the smell of it will remind them of you every time they put it on. Hence, this makes it a gift that you could never go wrong with.


One of the key reasons why many look forward to their passing out parade is because of the sense of achievement it gives them as they graduate from their BMT training with their family watching. It is one occasion that you should go the extra mile to ensure that your loved ones’ passing out parade is memorable – and one way to do so is by following the suggestions above!


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