4 Fun And Useful Ways To Repurpose Leftover Balloons

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There’s no denying that balloons are an incredible way of adding fun pops of colour and festivity to any party. But after the party is over, you’re left with numerous seemingly-useless pieces of balloons lying all around. Instead of watching your used balloons shrink slowly over the next few days, get creative by repurposing used and deflated balloons for some added fun!

Make the most of your used balloons instead of merely tossing them aside. Remember to take proper care of your used balloons and untie them after they’re deflated to get started. Here are 4 creative, fun and useful ways you can take to give your used balloons another meaningful purpose. Get started on these DIY projects!

1. Create a stress ball

Once the balloon has deflated, you can fill it with flour, sand, or other hard grains. Deciding which filling you prefer mostly boils down to what you want your balloon stress ball to feel like. After you’re done with the filling, pinch the neck of the balloon with one hand to remove all excess air, so that it’s nearly completely closed.

Following that, stretch the balloon’s neck and tie it up, pinching where your filling ends as this keeps air from leaking back into the balloon. If you wish, you may even stuff this balloon into another deflated balloon and create multiple layers to ensure your balloon stress ball doesn’t pop and protect the very first knot you created. However, keep in mind that the more layers you have, the tougher the stress ball will be. Remember not to place anything sharp to puncture your stress ball, or you’ll make a massive mess!

2. Make an ice pack

This comes in extremely handy when you’re looking for a flexible ice pack you can use for everything like icing a sore back to. Fill a durable and large balloon with as much water as you want and place it in the freezer.

To make things extra fun, you can even mould it to certain balloon shapes like hearts or even squares. If you want a flat ice pack for your back, place it under something flat like a box of pizza, and use smaller latex balloons for making smaller ice packs for things like lunch boxes.

3. Have a water balloon fight

This works especially well for smaller balloons. Once your balloons have deflated, fill them with water, stretch the neck of the balloon and tie a knot. A smaller balloon with less water is recommended as the impact upon hitting one won’t be as big as a balloon with more water. Let the water balloon fight with your loved ones commence!

4. Save enough for the next party

Save some of the balloons you’ve salvaged and reuse them for the next party you throw. To save on helium, you can fill the balloons with air and tie the ends with strings. With this, you can produce an upside-down balloon centrepiece of differing string lengths by taping the ends of the strings to the ceiling.

You can also create the illusion of balloons floating in the air by sticking double-sided tape on the top end of the balloons to the ceiling with the strings dangling down. Spice things up by tying colourful ribbons to the ends of the strings for an even more vibrant setup.


With these tips, you’ll be giving your balloons a whole new purpose instead of simply watching them shrink aimlessly. Catering to all your balloon decoration needs, BoBoChaCha is your one-stop party shop which offers a wide array of astounding balloons to best suit any theme. We also provide items like gift boxes  or customised balloons for a more personal touch!

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