5 Practical Gift Ideas for People Who Just Opened a Business

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It is important to celebrate one’s leap of faith to start their very own business. While celebrating such a momentous event is very special to them, it would be even better if you gave them something to commemorate the opening. However, we understand that finding a practical gift for these risk-taking, hardworking, and creative people can be difficult. Their business mind would surely require gifts that go beyond mere socks or chocolate boxes, right?

Business owners and entrepreneurs have a challenging task and are passionate about their work, so it is essential to reflect this in your gift choices, and to take this into account when looking for the gift. Below are 5 gift ideas that are perfect for those who just opened up a business!

1. Planners

It’s not easy to stay motivated when you are your own business. Even those who are the most passionate struggle to retain their motivation after a while. This is where having a planner comes in. A planner helps entrepreneurs create and stick to their own schedules so that they can make the most out of their days. It keeps them organised, which is key to running a business. A planner will also allow them to record their daily, weekly, and monthly goals, and even document all of their achievements and what they can do to improve in the future.

2. Business card holder

If your friend just launched their business, they might be busy handing out their business cards at every opportunity. Give them a functionality and style boost with a sleek personalised business card holder they can carry around with them, or consider getting them a nice card stand they can display at their shopfront or reception desk. By customising it with their brand logo or name, it will be a meaningful and useful gift they will cherish.

3. A balloon arch

It’s their opening day and naturally, the mood has to look festive! Balloons are a great addition to any celebration, and brand launches are no exception. However, you can never have too many party balloons! If you are up for it, you can sponsor an eye-catching balloon arch for your friend’s business launch. Or if you prefer something simpler, you could go with a personalised balloon bouquet to brighten up their day.

4. Customised surprise

Starting a business isn’t ever truly the start. Before they can even launch the business, they would have poured in hours of research, conceptualisation, planning, and more. Thus, customising a surprise memory box would be a meaningful and heartfelt way to recognise and celebrate their hard work! You can do this be getting a gift box from a party shop in Singapore, and filling it with photos, story anecdotes, or words of encouragement. At some gift suppliers, they could even design the customised gift box for you!

5. Business books

Any new business owner will appreciate having a good business book or two to read in their spare time. There is a wide variety of books that can give them productivity tips, marketing tips, or even tips on becoming a more impactful manager. These will not only motivate them to improve as their own boss, but also provide practical knowledge to edge them forward! Well, as they say: Knowledge is power!


Opening a new business is never easy, so showing your support and encouragement would mean a lot to them. With that said, in addition to patronising their services and products, these gifts are perfect for your friends and family who just opened up a new business!

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