A Simple Guide To Help You Host A Chilled BBQ Party

A Simple Guide To Help You Host A Chilled BBQ Party

We Singaporeans love our barbeque sessions. You go to places like East Coast Park or even condominium BBQ facilities, and you see family and friends enjoying the time of their life, grilling a plethora of meat and vegetables.

If you are thinking of hosting a chilled BBQ party for the first time and do not know where to start, then here is the guide for you from start to end.


Whether you are hosting in your backyard, down by the pool, or out at a park, the secret to a chilled BBQ party is when everybody is able to be relaxed – and that includes you too! Even though you may be the host, make sure you do not get stuck at the BBQ pit while everybody else is enjoying the food and activities. To avoid this, prepare early and get people to rotate grilling duties.


Fortunately, most BBQ food can be prepared early, and there are many meat marinade recipes that you can choose from on the web. Whether you are just having BBQ meats or intend to include a wide selection of dish options, such as salads, burgers, and more, always ensure you marinate your choice of meats overnight to ensure maximum flavour.

Top tip: If you are offering joints of meat, such as chicken on the bone, one effort- and a good time-saving hack is to cook it at home in an oven, then bring it to the BBQ pit to char them up to finish.


You cannot host a party without any decorations. No matter where your BBQ party is being held, adding decorative elements, such as balloons, streamers, poppers, and lights (if necessary), helps to add to the atmosphere of the party. If you are looking to up your decoration game, here are some creative balloon décor ideas you can use.

Party atmosphere

What is a BBQ party without music? You can go the easy route and play a playlist of popular summer party hits, adding your friends’ and families’ requests as the party goes on. Or if you want to bring to your party a festive vibe and you know either a family member or a friend who is musically talented, you may get them to play some songs on the guitar.


After all the eating and being under the hot sun, you and your party guests would be thirsty. Fill one of those cooler boxes with ice, water, and cans of beverages. That way, you can ensure your drinks are kept nice and cold throughout the BBQ party. If you are feeling a little extravagant, you may also engage a mobile bartender to your party to make cocktails or mocktails, depending on your choice of poison.

Games & Activities

A party is not complete without party games and activities. You will want to plan some large group games for everybody at the party to enjoy once they are done with food and drinks. If you and your party guests do not mind getting wet and are up for a laugh, then water-based games are an exciting option that will guarantee a fun yet cooling time.


Whether you are hosting at the comfort of your home or out at your local park, BBQ parties offer a delicious and fun time for everybody. Nevertheless, if you are looking for party elements and décors, then look no further than BoBoChaCha Balloons, Singapore’s leading party shop. Find out our extensive range of party products at https://www.bobochachaballoon.com/ today!