Best Water-Based Games To Play At A Children’s Party

Best Water-Based Games To Play At A Children’s Party

Every kid enjoys playing with water. Not only is it safe, but it can also be a refreshing time. Hence, if you are planning to host a party for your children and their friends, then you need to consider water-based games. Without further ado, we have compiled a list of some of the best water-based games you can organise for young party guests!

1. Water obstacle course

Your children and their friends will enjoy racing one another through a water obstacle course, especially when Singapore is hot all year round. Depending if you are willing to spend, you can easily engage in a water obstacle course rental in Singapore or DIY.

2. Water race

This might be one of the most classic water-based games played by many of all ages. Basically, you divide your children and their guests into teams and get each team into a line. The first person at the front of the line will hold an empty pail on top of their head with a mark in the middle. At the opposite end of the race is a bucket full of water. The rest of the team will each get an empty cup, in which they will take turns running to the full bucket and scooping themselves a cup of water. After which, they will run back to empty their cup into the empty pail. The fastest team to fill the mark wins.

3. Pass the water

All you need is cups and water. Split your children and their friends into two teams and get them to line up behind the other with an empty cup over their heads. Fill the first kid’s cup with water. Once filled, get everybody to raise their cup over their heads. When the game starts, the first person will pour the water behind their head into the next person’s cup, and so on and so forth. Whichever team with the most amount of water in the last person’s cup wins!

4. Water bomb fight

Split your children and their friends into two teams again and have them stand on the opposite end of the space apart from one another. Give each team a set number of water bombs or balloons filled with water. Once the game starts, they can begin throwing at the other team. As long as you are being hit by a water bomb and it “explodes” on you, you are out of the game. The team with the most number of players still “alive” after a set period of time wins!

5. Water limbo

Get a hose to spray a water jet across horizontally, getting the children to take turns to limbo under it. Put on some fun kids-friendly party music to get them into the vibe. Lower the water jet after each successful round. Last kid who manages to limbo the lowest win!


Water-based games are the ideal opportunities for your children and their friends to have fun, stay cool, and be drenched on a hot day. And which kid does not like playing with water? Just bear in mind to include bringing a change of clothes in the party invitation! Of course, none of this is complete without some fun and refreshing decorations for the party.

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