Activities You Can Do With Your Kids During Rainy Days

Activities You Can Do With Your Kids During Rainy Days

Singapore’s weather is unpredictable. One moment it could be hot and sunny, and the next, it could be pouring heavily. As parents, it can be frustrating when your active and bored kids are stuck at home with nothing to do due to the wet weather.

Hence, having a stack of rainy-day kids’ activities up your sleeves is crucial to keep your family occupied and sane. In case you are in need of some inspiration, we have compiled a couple of family-friendly games, activities, and projects you and your children can enjoy when it is too wet to be out of the house.

1. Create your own gallery

Do you have budding Rembrandts or van Goghs among your children? Wet weather is the ideal excuse to create art masterpieces. If you do not know what to do, it is the best time to take out all the art accessories that you have at home, from glitter and coloured pencils to paints and stickers. You can even play around with recyclables, such as toilet rolls or plastic bottles.

Allow your children to create their very own art gallery by helping them hang their finished pieces around the living room.

2. “Build” your own cave

We do not know any kid who does not like castles, caves, or tents. This activity goes particularly well with the rainy weather. You can build your own little shelter or sanctuary, however you would like to call it, using whatever cushions, blankets, and duvets you can find in your house.

Allowing them free reign to build their cosy sanctuary helps them to build on their creativity. You may come in to help them shift furniture when required. Once done, you can add some flair to their cave designs by decorating them with fairy lights.

3. Jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are a popular wet-weather activity. You could make it more challenging and entertaining by making your jigsaw puzzle session a competition, either timing your respective kids’ attempt at putting the same puzzle together – the fastest timing wins or by going head-to-head putting different puzzles together – the fastest person wins.

4. Science experiments

There are many experiments and activities you can carry out with household items. Rainy days are the best time to clear the kitchen space and just carry out fun, easy-to-follow science experiments and activities with your kids. For example, you can design your own volcano using essential kitchen ingredients, such as soda bicarbonate and vinegar, or use balloons to create fun inflation experiments.

YouTube is full of such ideas, demonstrations, and inspirations for science experiments and activities you can conduct with your children.


Rainy days do not mean a boring time. In fact, it could be an even more fantastic opportunity for you to bond with your children, doing activities you would never have done typically. Nevertheless, if you are looking for quality parties and art accessories, such as balloons, fairy lights, sashes, tinsel, and many more, then look no further than BoBoChaCha Balloons, Singapore’s leading party store. Visit us at to find out more!