Three Tips To Note When Organising A Surprise Party

Three Tips To Note When Organising A Surprise Party

Everybody loves a good party, but something about a surprise party adds a different flair and element, whether you are planning one for a date or an event. It makes things even more memorable and special for everybody involved. A surprise party essentially involves loved ones and friends getting together to surprise the guest of honour.

While elegant and luxurious party themes are popular for surprise party planning, it does not necessarily have to go in that direction. In fact, surprise parties can also be intimate and cosy. That being said, they can be complex to plan, especially when you need to keep the plans away from the special guest, ensuring that the secret is kept safe.

In this post, we will explore some ways to help you organise a successful surprise party, keeping it a surprise.

1. Keep your surprises within the theme

Planning a surprise within a surprise can help to catch the guest of honour off guard while helping the rest of the party guests to get into the right atmosphere while keeping them quiet about the party. For example, speakeasies have been trending globally for being exclusive, small, inconspicuous, and nearly impossible to discover on social media. Hence, such concepts make it a popular theme for surprise parties.

You can host a speakeasy-themed party at a secret location, incorporating similar themes, such as establishing a secret password at the door or inviting guests through word-of-mouth, like a secret gathering.

2. Cater to their favourites

Surprise party or not, it is always best to pick out beverages and food that you know your guest of honour likes. The only thing is that when organising surprise parties, you need to plan the party food, ensuring that they are not aware of it. You can do so by getting one of your close mutual friends to help with liaising with the relevant catering companies, considering the amount of food you might need for the surprise party.

It is better to have more food than to get too little or just enough. Catering to their favourites is an excellent way to show that you care for them, paying attention to their likes and dislikes.

3. Pick an appropriate location

The location is a key element in setting the right atmosphere for the party. It would be hard to organise a surprise party where the guest of honour lives. However, it is not entirely impossible, as all you can do is plan for it with the help of the housemates or family members they live with. In fact, it might be even more surprising as they would last expect their surprise party to be held at their own home.

Organising a surprise party where your guest of honour comes and goes is quite hard because you would need to hide everything, such as balloon decorations, you have gotten for the party. Hence, you can always find a space for rental in Singapore that can accommodate your party size and liaise with a party shop for all your decoration needs.


Organising a party can be a tricky process, furthermore, keeping it as a surprise. Hence, you need a greater deal of planning when it comes down to the details, such as catering, guests, and location. Once you have done the necessary research and have gotten down all the pertinent details, you are able to organise a successful surprise party.

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