The Most Yummy Dinner Party Decor Ideas You Can Ever Find

The Most Yummy Dinner Party Decor Ideas You Can Ever Find

Dinner parties are some of the most exciting parties you can host during the weekends or holidays. When we are preparing for such parties, the first thing we consider is the menu. We would want to honour our guests with delectable and original drinks and dishes. While the menu is a crucial factor, it is also important to note all other details and decorations, such as flowers, metals, textiles, crystals, and porcelains you intend to use in the dinner party.

What types of dinner parties are there?

Hosting a dinner party is one of the many things in life that is significantly enjoyable! Good conversations, food, and friends – it is the perfect combination for a wonderful evening. Here are several varieties of dinner parties you can host.

  • Vegetarian dinner party: Embrace a plant-based lifestyle with a completely vegan or vegetarian evening. It would be a great evening to showcase that even without meat, the menu can be interesting and delicious.
  • Retro disco: Throwback to the good old days when music seems more fun. You can have every guest dressed in a style from a certain era. Do not forget to put together a retro playlist with some of the best songs from those eras.
  • National dish party: This is ideal if you have friends from all over the world. If not, you could even get your friends to choose their favourite holiday destination. Serve those nations’ traditional menu that can be easily found in Singapore.

How to decorate the table?

At BoBoChaCha Balloons, you may find numerous small dinner party décors. While it is common to decorate the surrounding spaces, what many would not know is that table decoration are key too! Decorating the table, especially with balloon centrepieces, helps to create a unique and memorable atmosphere. However, you might also want to decorate moderately, lest the décor starts to interfere with the arrangement and use of cutleries.

As mentioned earlier, balloon centrepieces are an ideal decorative element for the tables. A table adequately decorated with balloons creates a joyful, festive vibe. Using brightly coloured helium balloon clusters is a sight to behold. They not only help to beautify and brighten the interior, but they also can be used later in the evening for a fun game.

There are several ways to attach the balloons to the table. They can be tied up as a bouquet and weighed down to the table with pebbles at the end. Or you can tape tiny balloons to the centre of the table surface.

Indoor dinner decoration

Here are some unique ideas for decorating an indoor dinner party.

Country style

Country style refers to the simplicity of the natural rural flavour. Using neutral-toned materials and colours, such as brown, beige, grey, and terracotta, you may liven up the space by adding a splash of cotton, flannel, or linen décor – polka dots, small flowers, stripes, and checked.

Autumn table

Singapore has only one season: summer! But that does not mean you cannot celebrate the other seasons. It is very easy to bring autumn to your dinner party. Adding a few red-brown tones or using a tablecloth with autumn leaves printed on it helps to add to the mood. Autumn flowers, such as chrysanthemums, make a nice décor centrepiece. You can emphasise the seasonal theme by using decorations such as tree branches, orange candles, apples, turnips, and small pumpkins.

Outdoor dinner decoration

Outdoor dinner parties should not differ too much from indoor ones. Here are some ideas you can use to decorate your outdoor dinner party.

Scandinavian style

The main features of a Scandinavian style decoration are the use of simple lines and shapes with natural textures and materials. For example, using wooden accessories and decorations or materials, such as linen or matte materials.

Provenance style

When we think about Provenance, the first thing that comes to mind is the French province filled with lavender and roses. The key theme of this decoration style is to ensure that it looks relaxing and stress-free. Delicious home-cooked food is the way to create that Provenance vibe. You would want to accentuate the atmosphere by using vintage décor pieces most commonly found in French homes.


These are just some ideas of dinner party décor styles that you can incorporate into your planning. Of course, there are other yummy design styles out there, and it is all up to your imagination.

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