Our 4 Favourite Event Decorations Using Only Balloons

Our 4 Favourite Event Decorations Using Only Balloons

Though they must be professional, corporate or company events, do not mean you as the organiser cannot be a little creative with the decorations. The thing about using balloons in your decoration is that balloons are versatile. You can use it to the limits of your imagination.

Balloons are also ideal for livening up the event and giving it the “WOW” factor. As easy as implementing balloons to decorate the tables can instantly elevate the venue space, adding colour to the atmosphere. At BoBoChaCha Balloons, we are pleased to say we offer customised colour, bespoke projects, as well as branding for every client. And so, we have pieced together our 4 favourite decorations you can implement in your next event using only balloons.

1. Personalised Balloons

Personalised balloons are ideal for helping promote your business and brand. You will find that many businesses use them at corporate events. Customised balloons also have the ability to turn a basic party element into a show-stopping decoration for your event. Here at BoBoChaCha Balloons, we offer customised balloons that can be personalised to your requirement. Coming in all sorts of colours and materials, the balloons are fully customisable to your event’s theme.

2. Balloon Arches

If you are looking to catch your event’s guests and attendees, then balloon arches are decorations that you might want to consider having in your event space. Usually used to spruce up the entrance or as a centrepiece, simply use two to three different yet complementing shades of coloured balloons for the arch.

3. Balloon Tableware

As basic as it may sound, balloon decorations on tables are an underestimated touch. It does make quite a difference to the overall feel at the table. Tableware is ideal for events that involve the consumption of meals. Be it a multi-course wedding celebration or a seminar that serves food; balloon displays are cost-effective. From balloon bouquets to flower hot air balloons, balloons are the ultimate table decorations.

4. Balloon Backdrop

From balloon walls to helium balloons floating at varied heights, balloon backdrops can be such a beautiful and unique decoration. Furthermore, it requires little to no effort in setting up. All you need to do is inflate them or buy them from us already inflated. Balloon backdrops are ideal for events, especially if you have unwanted space that needs to be filled up. Also, it makes a great space for your guests and attendees to grab some much-needed photos.


Indeed, balloons are versatile decorations that every event organiser should consider when planning. Here at BoBoChaCha, we pride ourselves on being a one-stop party shop where anybody can get everything they need to organise a party or an event. Contact us to find out more about what we can offer or if your company has a specific request.