Unique Balloon Decoration Ideas For An Adult Only Pool Party

Unique Balloon Decoration Ideas For An Adult Only Pool Party

When you think about summer, you think about the pool. And as an adult, a pool party is a great way to unwind, have fun, and enjoy the summer. Depending on how much time and effort you are willing to spare in preparing and organising, a pool party can either be simple or elaborate, but nonetheless fun.

The most important aspect of a well-planned and exciting adult-only pool party is the decorations. The decorations are the key to creating the vibe and giving your guests the anticipation that something exciting is going to happen.

Whether you own a private pool at home or are planning to host a pool party event at a specific location, we have got your back on some unique balloon decoration ideas!

Planning an exciting pool party checklist:

  • Design unique party invitations
  • Decide on a theme
  • Hire a DJ and an event host
  • Get some pool party props
  • Install photo-worthy lighting for the evening
  • Set aside space for a bar that offers drinks and snacks
  • Set aside space for a lounge offering some shade from the sun
  • Create photo zones with unique sets
  • Plan water-themed activities and games

Unique balloon decoration ideas

1. Party Welcome Set

Using letter balloons to form a banner shows a bright and festive atmosphere. Instead of using paper letters, the balloons create a 3D effect.

2. Pool Balloon Garland

The pool should be the main highlight of the party. It makes sense to use a little more balloon to accentuate and make it the centrepiece. Setting up an arch-shaped garland made up of helium balloons over the pool will look festive. If you want, you may also create several garlands and position them to form a tunnel. If the pool party location has a water slide, design a unique garland over the slide to create an extra oomph to it.

3. Multi-coloured balloon stands & arch

Setting it up by the pool or at the entrance of the party can be a multi-coloured balloon arch or stand. For the stand, you can shape it into any form, such as a coconut tree. Using bright colours and balloons inflated to different sizes, the balloon set-up can be the talk of the party.

4. Floating Decorations

Balloons need not be out of the pool. Using air-filled balloons, you can fill either part of the pool or the entire pool with floating balloons of all sizes and colours. To spice things up a little, you may even put some battery-powered lights in the balloons so that it adds a different feel, especially at night.


Balloons need not be limited to just children. When used correctly and appropriately, it can elevate the atmosphere of an adult-only party. If you are looking for quality balloons in Singapore, then do consider looking at our extensive range at https://www.bobochachaballoon.com. We are a one-stop party shop that supplies everything from a helium balloon to accessories and props needed to make an exciting pool party.