Simple Guide To Plan A Halloween Party For Your Kids At Home

Simple Guide To Plan A Halloween Party For Your Kids At Home

Halloween is just around the corner. Whether your estate or neighbourhood is hosting a Halloween party or trick-or-treating, you too can join in the unique festival by organising your own Halloween party for your children and their friends at home. Here are some tips that you can follow to plan an exciting and fun-filled Halloween party successfully.

1. Get your children involved: You can easily find simple and easy-to-follow Halloween décor and craft design on the web. Utilise the weekends or rainy days to craft unique décors from recycled toilet rolls, water bottles, and other home objects. With Halloween-themed coloured pens, papers, and paints by your side, you are all set to start creating homemade decorations with your children.

2. Send out the invitations early: Like every party, sending out your invitations early means that you get a better grasp of the number of guests, which will help you in the last few tips.

3. Purchase any other décors early: While you can create most of the Halloween party décor on your own, there are still some décors that might not be as easy to craft. If you have not purchased them, now would be a good time! BoBoChaCha Balloons offer a wide range of Halloween-themed inflatables, such as inflatable spiders, pumpkin head ghosts, and pumpkin bats.

4. Halloween party plan: The party need not have to go on for hours. However, you would want your children and their friends to have as much fun as they can. Decide what you want to do at the party, such as watching a Halloween movie, while not forgetting to factor in snack time and games too.

  • Starting with a welcome present: It can be a small pumpkin-shaped basket filled with fun props and accessories that they can use during the party, as well as snacks. The children can even fill them up with more snacks throughout the party.
  • Setting the mood: You can either make your own playlist or grab one online. Whatever it is, nothing sets the party mood better than a combination of spooky sound and music.
  • Playing Halloween party games: You can plan a couple of individual and team games. Depending on your willingness to clean up after yourself, you can be as neat or as messy as possible. Here are two games ideas suitable for kids aged 7 to 11.
  • Eyeball roll –All you need is ping-pong balls painted to resemble eyes, straws, and a table. Fastest individual or team to blow the eyeball from one end of the table to the other wins. Restart from the beginning of the eyeball falls off the side of the table.
  • Worm hunt –With a bag of worm candy and a tray of flour, find as many as you can with just your mouth in a minute.

5. Halloween snacks: Snacks add to the festivity and the overall atmosphere of the party. To make your life easier, you can grab ready-to-eat snacks from various supermarkets on top of some homemade snacks that you have made using online recipes.

6. Trick-or-treat: You can twist things around by hiding candies around your home for a Halloween-style treasure hunt. To add to the atmosphere, you can even turn off the lights to enhance the spookiness. You can even craft toilet roll ghoulish pinatas that are filled with delectable candies. The aim of this portion of the party is to have the children have some fun finding the candies.

7. Halloween movies: Movies are the easiest thing to do if you do not know what to do. Putting on a Halloween-themed movie like Scooby Doo certainly will help to catch their attention.


Halloween is happening at the end of the month. And if you are thinking of something to do with your children, then maybe a Halloween party is something you can consider. To help you with your planning, BoBoChaCha Balloons have got a wide selection of Halloween decorations, from balloons to party banners and poppers. Our party store is eager to show you creative ways to use balloons for your Halloween decorations. What are you waiting for? Contact us to get started today!