Top Tips To Host A Successful Outdoor Corporate Event

Top Tips To Host A Successful Outdoor Corporate Event

The past two years have been very quiet for event spaces. However, with the ease in covid restrictions in Singapore, many companies are back with bigger and better events than before. If you are planning to host an outdoor corporate event and are unsure of what to do and where to start, BoBoChaCha Balloon is here to help as we bring you the tips on planning a successful outdoor corporate event from beginning to the end, and you can be sure to take every single credit for the success!


Location is a key factor in every event planning. Not only do you want to have your event at a place that offers the added ‘oomph’, but you will also need to consider a space that is big enough to hold the targeted number of attendees you plan to invite to your event. In addition, you might also have to consider accessibility. Are there enough parking spaces for every attendee? If not, what are the available public transport options in the immediate vicinity? Is the event ground easily accessible, especially for those who might be less abled? These are some critical points that your attendees might consider regarding whether to attend the event. Hence, you might want to consider it too.


Singapore’s weather can sometimes be unpredictable; one moment, it can be sunny and raining cats and dogs the next. It would be best if you always had a wet weather contingency plan when planning an outdoor corporate event. Always ensure that there are shelters at the event space. If not, you might want to look to rent gazebos or any other forms of shelter just in case. Nothing spoils a good day than getting soaked because you were not able to find proper shelter. Even in the case it does not rain, shelters also provide some respite from the sweltering summer. All in all, a successful outdoor corporate event ensures that there are sufficient covered and open areas to cater to different needs.


You cannot host an event if you do not have any power source. Everything needs power. Hence, in your event planning, it is always necessary to pre-scout the location to ensure that it offers sufficient power supplies. If it is not sufficient, you might want to consider either looking into renting other spaces or hiring an external power generator from a reliable company.


Event planning can often be time consuming and tedious. However, it can also be a creative avenue for you. The success of your event is limited by your imagination. With the past two years being starved of events, it is the best time to let your creative juices run wild and go big!


These are some of our best tips on planning a successful outdoor corporate event. Of course, there are other things to note when it comes to event planning, such as cost, staffing, and decors. Speaking about décor, if you plan to advertise your company or brand at your next outdoor corporate event, then balloons are an ideal tool to help you accomplish so.

With that being said, BoBoChaCha Balloons offers customisable balloons for any and every event. Contact us to discuss your requirements, and we will do our best to meet them all.