Fun And Refreshing Decorations For A Kids Themed Pool Party

Fun And Refreshing Decorations For A Kids Themed Pool Party

In the ever-sunny Singapore, nothing else can help beat the heat better than soaking in the swimming pool. Especially with the June holidays, a pool party for your kids and their friends is a great way to help keep them entertained. Imagine a combination of the hot sun, cool swimming pool, happy friends, delicious snacks, exciting games, refreshing drinks, and fun decorations.

If you manage to do every single part of the party well, you might have a good chance of being the coolest parents on planet Earth! Hence, to help you with that, we have selected some of the best kids themed pool party décor that will help you achieve optimal coolness!

Decorating the pool party with tropical vibes

We are, after all, in a tropical country, and the theme practically oozes holiday vibes. Whether you get your decoration inspirations from similar tropical vacation spots like Bali, Phuket, or the Maldives, one similar thing among those destinations is the bright colour scheme which includes a combination of green, turquoise, blue, and orange. You might also want to order balloons of different colours, shapes, and sizes to create tropical fruits and plants to add to the decoration. There should also be a wide variety of inflatables in the pool for your kids and their friends to play with.

  • Balloon arches help elevate any party. You can choose to install a rainbow arch over the pool or have it descend from an elevated height into the pool.
  • Sun lounges with huge umbrellas help provide shelter from the sun. Have some towels and sunblock arranged on those areas for the guests to dry themselves or protect their skin.
  • Dessert tables will most likely be a popular spot at the party. It would be great to set up a couple of dessert tables so that each group can have their own small table by the pool.
  • Inflatables are much-needed elements you might want to consider if you want to have bright decorations for the party. You can either get inflatables such as floats which do come in a variety of designs like mattresses, boats, and even the famous pink flamingo.
  • Summer-themed balloons are probably an alternative solution to inflatables. Get a bunch of summer or fruity colours and have a good mix of helium-filled and air-filled ones. For the helium-filled balloons, attach a weight to each balloon and scatter them in the pool at various places. That way, it will seem like the balloon is floating out of the pool. With the air-filled balloons, scatter them around the surface of the pool.
  • Balloon trees are something different that you can make to take the partygoers instantly to a tropical holiday vibe.
  • Photo booths are a must-have at every party. At the photo booth, you may want to create a nice balloon backdrop and various photo props that you can print off the internet.

Games using balloons

Balloons not only can help you decorate and fill up empty spaces, but they also can be used for fun games. You might use some of the balloon decorations to store some small gifts which can be used in treasure hunts. Other balloon game ideas could be balloon football or water balloon battles.


Summer, water, and sun are a perfect combination for a successful pool party. While these are some basic ideas and suggestions you can consider to spruce up a kid-themed pool party, it is always best to just let your creative juices run wild! After all, you know your kids better than anybody else.

Nevertheless, if you are thinking of the decorations you might need for your kid-themed pool party or any party in general, we have got a perfect solution. We are a one-stop party store in Singapore that offers everything you will need for a successful party, from helium balloons to fairy lights and table cloths. Contact us today to let us help you be the coolest parent!